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Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting

  • GI malleable iron fitting Socket, part threaded-220

    GI malleable iron fitting SMalleable Iron Pipe Fitting

  • Female threaded reducing Socket-240

    Female threaded reducing SocMalleable Iron Pipe Fitting

  • American standard malleable cast iron Bushing-241

    American standard malleable cMalleable Iron Pipe Fitting

  • UL listed malleable cast iron Nipple, reducing-245

    UL listed malleable cast iroMalleable Iron Pipe Fitting

  • malleable galvanized iron Socket, M&F, reducing-246 banded/beaded

    malleable galvanized iron SocMalleable Iron Pipe Fitting

  • MI Socket, entire threaded-270

    MI Socket, entire threaded-Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting

  • Hot dipped galvanized/black MI Nipple-280

    Hot dipped galvanized/black MMalleable Iron Pipe Fitting

  • China supplier malleable iron fitting Plug, beaded-290

    China supplier malleable ironMalleable Iron Pipe Fitting

  • High quality malleable cast iron Plug, plain-291

    High quality malleable cast iMalleable Iron Pipe Fitting

  • Certificated malleable cast iron Cap, hexagon -300

    Certificated malleable cast iMalleable Iron Pipe Fitting

  • Hot selling ASME standard Cap, round-301

    Hot selling ASME standardMalleable Iron Pipe Fitting

  • Super quality malleable iron Backnut-310

    Super quality malleable iron Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting

  • Round Flange, Without Bolt Hole-321 with competitive price

    Round Flange, Without BoltMalleable Iron Pipe Fitting

  • Round Flange, With 4 Bolt Holes-329 made of malleable iron

    Round Flange, With 4 Bolt Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting

  • High quality galvanized Union, flat seat-330

    High quality galvanized UnioMalleable Iron Pipe Fitting

  • Reliable quality malleable cast iron Union, flat seat, M&F-331

    Reliable quality malleable caMalleable Iron Pipe Fitting

  • British standard GI fitting Union, conical seat-340

    British standard GI fittingMalleable Iron Pipe Fitting

  • M&F threaded Union, conical seat-341

    M&F threaded Union, conMalleable Iron Pipe Fitting

  • DIN Standard malleable cast iron Union, conical brass seat-342

    DIN Standard malleable casMalleable Iron Pipe Fitting

  • High standard MI fitting Union, conical brass seat, M&F-343

    High standard MI fitting UMalleable Iron Pipe Fitting

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