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Big news: a new generation of hydraulic testing machine and to seek the transfer of R & D success

2010-02-27 Back to list

Hebei Construction Group also support cast for the same industry to bring a welcome new product, "a new generation of hydraulic test machine."
Are you worried about the quality of the water pressure test? Are you worried about the efficiency of the hydraulic test? I have the latest group developed "a new generation of hydraulic test machine" will bring you the Gospel, it can be easy to solve your problems.

"A new generation of hydraulic test machine" that will help you completely out of manual labor, mechanical automation. When you need to carry out air tightness test tube, you are simply required to pressure test pipe fittings placed on special fixtures on the card is good, and then press the start button, hydrostatic testing machine by observing the air bubble inside the water situation is to complete testing.

Machine easy to operate, the process fast, to prevent the tube leakage is very effective, particularly suitable for pipe production plant and related industries the use of product testing.

This product group, I have the patent, in order to serve the community, interested in the transfer of technology and equipment interested, please call Tel :0315-6509903 Contact: Mr. Wang