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China Foundry Association Professional Committee of the Sixth Annual Conference of Art Casting Pre-notification

2010-02-27 Back to list

China Casting Art Casting Association Professional Committee will be held in November 2009 5-7 in the sixth annual meeting held in Nanjing. The annual art system by Aerosun Inc. magazine as the branch offices and casting the contractor.
Annual Meeting Theme: Inheritance and Development
Annual Meeting Content:

November 6:
1. Thematic reports;
2. Domestic and international expert panel to speak;
3. Member of new technologies, new product development, exchange of experience;
4. "Cast sculpture pieces of art," art foundry industry standards such as three Publicizing;
5. Member cast works of fine art show, awards and auction.

November 7:
1. At home and abroad of new technologies, new materials, new equipment, development of presentations;
2. Visited the Aerosun Corporation art system such as branch (large sand casting)
Annual Meeting of the conduct of business for doing the preparatory work, be sure to attend the annual meeting of the representatives and members in October 20 with the Chinese art of foundry casting Association contact the secretariat of professional committees register and to obtain a formal report notifications, the member units actively preparing for the annual relevant information.
China Casting Art Casting Association Professional Committee of the Secretariat

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