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Chinese foundry industry conference series - precision casting Branch of China Foundry Association, 11th Annual Meeting

2010-02-27 Back to list

Casting by China Foundry Association, Branch organized, Shijiazhuang Eric mesh stainless steel products company, Shijiazhuang Huacheng casting company, Shijiazhuang Reiter company, Shijiazhuang Jingcheng stainless steel casting company to undertake the eleventh annual meeting is scheduled for October 2009 from 20 to 23 in Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang City, the Asia-Pacific Grand Hotel. Annual meeting's theme is: In the new situation, China's casting industry healthy and sustainable development strategies. Year will be around the theme, special reports, read out the papers, describe their experiences, technical seminars, and expert Q & A exchanges in various forms such as precision casting development and market development, technology, equipment, and production scale, enterprise management, energy saving, environmental protection and other aspects of harmony. And the organization of precision casting factory tour.

During the annual meeting held at the same time, "raw and auxiliary materials and equipment, casting equipment exhibition," and to report back on the day of the annual exhibition for the casting industry, the interface and exchange of supply and demand sides provide an excellent platform.
In addition to the annual member units to participate in informing the Council, the special invite experts to attend the casting. And welcomes the domestic and foreign production enterprises and research institutes Casting representatives casting buyers, raw and auxiliary materials and equipment, casting equipment supply unit represented.

Now to attend the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the specific issues casting notice as follows:
1, the meeting time:
At 9:00 on October 20, 2009 to 21:00 report, 21 to 23 meetings and visits. Exhibitors in advance on the afternoon of October 19 report, and move-in, 20, on display, this will be a member of the governing unit is required to report before 20 noon, afternoon, members and the convening of board meetings.
Second, the Conference Venue:
215 Green Lane Road, Shijiazhuang City, the Asia-Pacific Grand Hotel (★ ★ ★ ★), the railway station to the hotel playing around 10 yuan.
3, the meeting schedule:
October 20
1. 9 am to 9 pm handle registration formalities on behalf of
2. 1:00 pm to open the Preparatory Committee and the Governing Council and the activities of units
3. Exhibitors advanced to 19 pm daily to the post-move-in, 20, on display
October 21
1. 8:00 am to 9:30 am to visit the exhibition (the exhibition extended to 22 am)
2. 9:30 am to 12:00 Opening Ceremony and Keynote
3. 1:30 pm to 5:30 thematic reports and papers read
4. 7:30 pm to 9:30 thematic information dissemination and expert Q & A
October 22
1. Day period of two to three sub-venue-paper
2. Thematic communication and commerce negotiate competitive
3. Exhibition at noon Dismantling
4. The evening and dinner celebrating the closing
October 23
All delegates to visit the morning of precision casting factory, went to visit and study sacred place of revolution Xibaipo
4, the Conference fee:
1. Conference fee (including the conduct of business, memoirs, information, a four-day meals, souvenirs, tour transportation, etc.): 1,000 yuan per person on behalf of member units, non-member representatives of each of 1,300 yuan, and foreign representatives of otherwise. Pay the conference fee and sent to card】 【conference delegates, all representatives of cards to participate in conference activities virtue. Invited experts and representatives of exempted conference fee.
2. Conference sponsorship fees and participation fees: All raw and auxiliary materials and equipment, casting equipment manufacturers to participate in the meeting, if not participation, in addition to pay the conference fee, but also requested to pay 500 yuan for each unit of sponsorship, the meeting provided information on Taiwan issue bit. Informed by exhibitors who have to pay booth fees will no longer pay the sponsorship fee.
3. Accommodation: The accommodation on behalf of self-care, the Asia Pacific hotel for the four-star hotel, standard double room is 370 yuan / day rooms, the hotel standard double room and another Samsung 230 yuan / day rooms, but also shared , there is a small single room, on behalf of the receipt of required reservation.
5, registration methods:
Where determined to participate in this meeting, the representative asked me to obtain a copy of the meeting will be to contact the Secretariat registration receipt form, then fax the reservation housing, I will, because housing is I will be scheduled in advance with the hotel, where the non-receipt will be no guarantee of accommodation, if the is unable to participate in the meeting are required to notify the October 5 I will cancel accommodation.
① later than October 3 I will fax the registration form 027-85831770 for booking accommodation, a small number of single rooms, mostly double, if not I will be completing the receipt can not be guaranteed accommodation, if accommodation also please specify. If you have any requests, please contact I will call. Registration when you use cards, in order to reduce the production of communications recorded errors.
② Where the evening of October 20 after 6:00 to get to the representatives (including the existing receipt), the need to advance the telephone or SMS notification Zhang Yun (13,807,114,957) left room, or stay the night can not be guaranteed.
③ meeting place for the Shijiazhuang City, Green Lane, No. 215 Asia-Pacific Grand Hotel, the railway station to the hotel playing around 10 yuan.
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August 26, 2009