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Q1: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are a manufacturer and have our own factories in Tangshan and Chifeng.


Q2: What advantages do you have comparing to other suppliers’ products?

A: We have seven advantages:
1, All fittings are produced from materials with high mechanical properties.
2, The fittings have good appearance quality.
3, The fittings have definitely accurate threads.
4, The threads and angles are strictly controlled during production to ensure the accuracy.
5, All fittings have been seriously tested after each production procedure.
6, The air tightness is best comparing to other suppliers' production.
7, All fittings can be assembled easily, reducing installation cost.

jianzhi galvanized pipe fittings

Q3: What will you do if the products have quality problems in using?

A: First of all, we promise that our products are with best quality in China. No major problems with our fittings ever be reported in the past over 30 years. But if any problem is reported from customer, we will help to solve it unconditionally at once and engineers will be sent to the site if necessary.

jianzhi galvanized pipe fittings

Q4: What certifications have you acquired?

A: We have acquired ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, certifications of UL and   FM of America , CE of the EU , ABNT of Brazil , TSE of Turkey, China Compulsory Certification and other certificates.


jianzhi galvanized pipe fittings
Q5: Do you have any famous cooperation program?

A: Yes, our fittings have been applied to many famous projects in China, such as the Olympic Venue of 2008 Olympic Games-Bird’s Nest, National Center for the Performing Arts, The Beijing Capital International Airport T3 Terminal Building, Beijing Yintai Center, Beijing Fortune Center(CBD), Global Trade Center, etc.

jianzhi galvanized pipe fittings
Q6: What’s your MOQ?

A: 5 tons generally.

Q7: Do you provide samples?

A: Yes, we could offer free samples but do not pay the freight cost.

Q8:What are your packaging methods? Can the carton be customized?

A:We usually have three ways of packing. The first is woven bag packing, which is a little cheaper than the others. A small container can hold 1300 bags of pipe fittings. Our woven bags are double-layer woven bags, which are very strong, and the woven bags are neutral. Second, we pack it in cartons without pallets. We packed our products in two smaller cartons first and then packed them into a large one. Our cartons are three-layer cartons, which are very strong (send pictures to customers at the same time).  A small container can hold 1010 cartons. The third kind is packed in cartons with pallets. Most of our customers are packed in this way. the advantage of this packing is that it is convenient for loading and unloading, convenient for transportation, and can better protect the products from damage. If your order is LCL, pallet packing is much better. If your company unloads the goods by forklift, we suggest you use pallet packing. If we use this packing method, one small container can hold 860 cartons on 24 pallets.

Q9:Can I plan to visit your factory?

A:That's great. I'm glad you will come to visit our manufactory. May I have your trip schedule? So that we can help you to plan the itinerary in China. We can pick you up at the airport and then go to our manufactory, and show you around. We have two manufactories and one international trade branch. One manufactory in Tangshan and another in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, and our Trade Department is in Tianjin. Chifeng factory is mainly casting, annealing, and galvanizing. Tangshan factory is mainly machining, pressure testing, packaging, warehousing, delivery. The Trade Department is mainly responsible for export business.  If you have other visit plans, we can also help you plan your itinerary. We are looking forward to meeting with you in China.

Q10:How long is your delivery time?

A:Our delivery time is usually about 35 days after the deposit is received. If the goods you want are in a hurry, we will try our best to deliver the goods within 30 days.30 days delivery is the biggest difference between Jianzhi Group and other suppliers, it is our advantage, usually, we deliver at least 10 days earlier than other suppliers, less delivery cycle, means faster order turnover cycle, more profit, more market share, we never deliver late, even during the epidemic, we also deliver to customers on time.

Q11:What are the causes of your products?

A:Our company was founded in 1982, specializing in casting pipe fittings for more than 39 years. Now our annual output is more than 400,000 tons, and have more than 4,000 skilled workers and more than 350 technicians. Our products have passed the UL/FM/CE certification. In China's domestic trade, we rank first, in exports, we are currently the second. We export to more than 40 countries. In China, our fittings are used in many famous projects, such as Olympic Bird's Nest, fire piping system of Water Cube; fire protection system of Beijing Daxing Airport and Capital Airport; Shanghai World Trade Tower; Guangzhou Tower, etc.; and our pipe fittings are specified for China's gas system and a lot of water systems. In foreign countries, our pipe fittings are also used in some construction projects, such as International Trade Center in Kenya, Tiger building in the United Arab Emirates, etc., and have established stable cooperative relations with lots of large importers for at least 15 years.

Q12:Are you affected by environmental issues?

A:No, we have invested a lot of money in environmental protection to improve the environmental problem caused by the production process, which is fully in line with the national requirements for factory environmental protection, so production is not restricted by the national environmental protection provisions. Our Manufactory in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, has very advanced environmental protection equipment, and also uses the most advanced electric furnace smelting technology. In northern China, almost all factories have been forced to stop production since November because of environmental protection problems. Only we meet the national environmental protection requirements and do not need to stop production. For buyers who buy from other factories, the delivery time will be seriously affected. But we can deliver the goods on time in 30 days to provide you with a stable supply delivery time.

Q13:Can the packaging be customized?

A:Free carton design is available, with professional designers. But the quantities need to be above one 20ft container.