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Four tips for quality inspection of grooved pipe fittings

2021-08-06 Back to list

1. Looking at the weight. The price of the grooved pipe fittings we buy is directly proportional to the weight of the pipe fittings. Suitable quality pipe fittings have a slightly higher price and vice versa.

2. Whether the spraying process is okay or not, randomly inspect a grooved pipe fitting product to see if the bonding force of the surface spraying is strong enough. If the quality is not good, the paint will easily fall off.

3. Sampling a part of the products and carefully checking whether there are small holes due to the casting process. If there is, this is a major quality problem. In the subsequent pipe joint process, it will not function as a seal.

4. The essential point is whether the model of the product is suitable. If the above three aspects are good, but the model is not right, or the performance is wrong, the product will ultimately be unqualified.

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