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Industrial economy picking up a solid recovery to speed up the basis of uncertain

2010-02-27 Back to list

"August, China's industrial economic operation in general, continued recovery in the second quarter, the trend has been stabilized, the main economic indicators showing a prominent feature. Based on analysis of these characteristics, the current upward trend of China's industrial economy has basically taken shape and determine." In the recently held the National Center for 37th at the urban-industrial economic operation, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Chief Engineer Zhu Hong Ren says.

ZHU Ren pointed out that this year, in the central "expand domestic demand to maintain growth, adjusting their structures, benefits the people's livelihood," the continuing role of the package, the industrial economic operation has picked up the basic state has been formed. Next, relevant departments should strive to achieve security in the process of growth, vigorously promote industrial restructuring to put a more important position, fully implement the plan focus on the revitalization of industrial adjustment, and steadily promote mergers and acquisitions and eliminate backward production capacity and other measures and spare no effort to do Good co-ordination of Monitoring and effectively to sustained economic stability and rapid development.

Obvious signs of the industrial economy rebound
ZHU Ren pointed out that, from the data, industrial production growth rate has remained at double-digit levels for three consecutive months, which is an important feature of industrial recovery. According to statistics, 6,7 respectively, on industrial growth picked up to 10.7% and 10.8% in August over the national-scale industrial added value increased by 12.3%, the chain speed of 1.5 percentage points, down 0.5 percentage points year on year, in September last year of international the fastest growth since the financial crisis a month. 1 ~ 8 months, the accumulated industrial added value increased by 8.1%, accelerating by 1.1 percentage points than the first half, up 7.6 percentage points down.

Experienced more than six months of adjustment, the current policy of pulling in the central China's heavy industry is running has improved, and the second quarter, after growth has accelerated noticeably. Data show the clear leader in heavy industry, light industry, growth has picked up, this is another one rebound in the current industry to stabilize an important feature.

From the industry point of view, metallurgical industry, crude steel output of 50 million tons a breakthrough for two consecutive months, August crude steel output reached 52.33 million tons, an increase of 22%, average daily output of 1.688 million tons, the highest high of the year; 1 August , total crude steel production reached 370 million tons, an increase of 5.2%. Building material industry, cement production slowed a smooth, flat glass production situation improved.

Zhu Hong Ren particular emphasis on capacity changes. According to reports, as an important indicator of industrial power protection, the current there is a clear pick-up. In August, industrial enterprises above designated size power generation increased by 9.3%, the previous month to speed up 4.5 percentage points. 1 August, the cumulative power generation capacity increased by 0.8%, changing the cumulative decline in the first 7 months of the situation. According to China Electricity Council statistics, in August of industrial electricity consumption grew 6.4%, 3.7 percentage points from the previous month.

In addition, the rebound in industrial production to accelerate the eastern region, but also further highlights the signs of economic rebound. In August, the eastern, central and western regions of above-scale industrial added value rose 11.1% year on year, 13.1% and 16%, respectively, last month to speed up 1.7,1.3, and 0.8 percentage points. Beijing and other eight provinces and cities of industrial growth more than 20%, 27 provinces and cities have different levels of industrial production last month to speed up. In the meantime, in August year on year decline in industrial prices is gradually being reduced, the majority of chemical products steadily upward trend; the domestic market, copper, aluminum spot prices were an average of 48,617 yuan / ton, and 15,063 yuan / ton, respectively, than in July rose 16 % and 8.5%.

Industrial investment and consumption, a strong pull
ZHU Ren pointed out that the current investment-led industries are still strong, consumer-driven, also demonstrated the role of continuing the momentum of the more-wang.

According to reports, this year, the rapid growth of investment demand has become the main driving force of economic recovery. In August, industrial investment 662.4 billion yuan, up 23.1%, an acceleration of 2.2 percentage points from the previous month, below the growth rate of urban fixed-asset investment 10.5 percent.

1 ~ 8 month, the total investment 4.73 trillion yuan, up 26.6%; of these, manufacturing investment 354 million yuan, an increase of 27.3%.
In August, consumer goods, industrial added value increased by 10.9%, 5 August each month growth at 10.6% ~ 11.6% of the range of fluctuation. Among them, the household appliances to the countryside, trade-driven policies, household appliance industry, the production situation improved. 1 ~ 8 months, total sales of home appliances to the countryside products 17.67 million units (pieces), sales amount of 32.7 billion yuan; of these, in August sales of 3.79 million units (pieces), sales amount of 7.6 billion.

Also maintained rapid growth of equipment manufacturing industry, engineering machinery production and sales situation is generally better than expected. In August, lifting machinery, compaction machinery, concrete machinery output respectively, year on year increase of 11.6%, 73.7% and 45.9%; excavator market began a steady rebound in production, respectively, year on year sales growth of 36% and 64.8%, compared with 11.4% growth in July and 8%; General Equipment Manufacturing value added increased by 12% in-line, more than 11% growth for two consecutive months.

ZHU Ren noted that these changes show that China's industrial favorable conditions for economic recovery and positive factors gradually increased, with the package deal with the financial crisis, plans to gradually put in place, stabilized the situation for the better will be further consolidated.
Vigorously promote industrial restructuring

ZHU Ren pointed out that the lack of external demand is still affecting the country's economic development, one of the unfavorable factors in the short term is still hard to have fundamentally changed the situation of China's exports or to be more severe. In addition, some industries, enterprise production and management is still difficult, highlighting the problem of excess production capacity and accelerating the structural adjustment and change in development mode arduous task. These factors determine the rebound in the economy, there are still a lot of loose, uncoordinated, unstable factors.

At present, there are signs that the international economy is facing a new round of strategic adjustment, the developed countries to a certain extent, increase the proportion of high-end manufacturing. To this end, Zhu Hong Ren highlighted the complexity of our industry must recognize the dire economic situation, according to the State Council, the strategic plan, and actively implementing initiatives to ensure the process of growth, vigorously promote industrial restructuring, and thus all efforts to promote China's industrial the level of the whole.

Based on current industrial and economic situation analysis and judgments, Zhu Hongren introduced the letter to the next stage of work focused on the Ministry of work:

Ten industrial restructuring do an outstanding job implementing the revitalization plan to accelerate the implementation of the planning involved in the various policies and measures to promote corporate mergers and reorganizations, and eliminate backward and energy savings, speed up industrial restructuring.

Technological transformation of enterprises consistently do a good job, good use of technical transformation funds, driving corporate and social investment, good project tracking and supervision and inspection, sum up experiences, the establishment of long-term working mechanism.
Conscientiously study and implement the central leading comrades on the quality of the work of an important directives to variety, quality, brand, service-focused, comprehensive strengthening of the quality of brand building.

Do a good job organizing the implementation of major science and technology dedicated to strengthen the industry-standard system of amendments to speed up scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces, and give full play to support the leading role of science and technology.

The implementation of the State Council on the promotion of stable and rapid development of SMEs, a number of observations, and further optimize the environment for SME development, and properly resolve issues such as SME financing difficulties.

Strengthening of industrial, communications monitoring and control operation, strengthen organization and coordination of economic operation, ensure the completion of priority in national defense research and production tasks, establish and improve the coverage of industrial, communications, industry, emergency management system.

Accurately select the entry point to strengthen the pilot demonstrations, promote the integration of information technology and industrialization, accelerate the development of new economic growth point to guide the healthy and orderly development of new industry standards.

Coordination maintain network and information security, the completion of the key tasks of maintaining stability, local connection with reality, in implementation and to ensure that the 60th anniversary of National Day and other major events safe and smooth communications networks.