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Jiuquan satellite launch base

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Project Name:Jiuquan satellite launch base.
Description:Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center is a Chinese space vehicle launch facility (spaceport) located in the Gobi desert, Inner Mongolia. It is part of the Dongfeng Aerospace City (Base 10). Although the facility is geographically located within Ejin Banner of Inner Mongolia's Alxa League, it is named after the nearest city, Jiuquan in Gansu Province.
It was founded in 1958, the first of China's three spaceports. More Chinese launches have occurred at Jiuquan than anywhere else. As with all Chinese launch facilities it is remote and generally closed to foreigners.
The Satellite Launch Center is a part of Dongfeng space city, also known as Base 10 or Dongfeng base, which also includes PLAAF test flight facilities, a space museum and a martyr's cemetery.