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Metallic wear-resistant materials the Third National Workshop on Technology and Standardization

2010-02-27 Back to list

Casting by the National Standardization Technical Committee and the National Chi Nan University, co-hosted the "Third National metallic wear-resistant materials technology and standardization Seminar" on August 23, 2009 in Beijing. From all 32 units of 37 wear-resistant materials and casting technical experts and representatives attended the seminar.

Address such forums for this meeting of experts and representatives mainly from the well-known wear-resistant materials for steel production enterprises, some invited experts from engaging in metallic wear-resistant materials technology and standardization of scientific research institutes and universities. During the meeting the National Standardization Technical Committee Gechen light casting the Secretary-General introduced the cast and revising national standards and review requirements, National Chi Nan University, Professor Li Wei on a number of metallic wear-resistant materials and revising national standards for the preparation of job description. Meeting major study of metal wear-resistant materials at home and abroad to discuss the status and development trend of standardization technology, focusing on the system around the revision of national standards, combined with "anti-wear pieces of white cast iron", "Austenitic Manganese Steel Casting," "high manganese steel casting gold phase "and three metallic wear-resistant materials, the national standard draft for review, in-depth discussion main content. Cast during the meeting by the National Standardization Technical Committee adopted these organizational review three national standards.

The meeting reached a more in-depth technical exchanges aim has been participating experts and representatives of the approval and praise. The conference to promote China's iron and steel wear-resistant material (pieces of) the development of standardization and to promote the "wear-resistant steel castings," and the "wear-resistant composite castings of" national standards, and create the conditions.
(National Casting Standardization Technical Committee, National Chi Nan University of feed