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"China's foundry industry cluster pilot areas" and "China's casting first village" awarding ceremony

2017-02-15 Back to list

December 23 morning, "China's foundry industry cluster pilot areas" and "China's casting first village" awarding ceremony took place in Hedong Messire Street Community Square Liu held corporation. China Foundry Association Jia Ping, China Foundry Association, Executive Vice Chairman, Secretary-General Zhang Bo, Shandong Province Jiang-Hai Lin Casting Association, the city government law assistant to the mayor, Song Liang, Party Secretary Liu Zhanren, District deputy secretary, Mayor Li leaves , the District People's Congress Chairman and wide attended the awarding large segment ceremony, Chen Lin, deputy secretary of party committee and presided over awarding ceremony.

Lee leaves his welcoming remarks, he said, China Foundry Association, Hedong awarded "China's foundry industry cluster pilot zones" and the granting of Liu Mission village, "China Foundry first village," the honorary title of my district is full recognition of the development of foundry industry, but also my area a great encouragement and motivation. I District will take this opportunity to adhere to the foundry industry cluster as a breakthrough in speeding up development and growth poles, through the effective work, supporting key leading enterprises continue to grow, to form a group of highly competitive large enterprise groups and their own characteristics casting industry cluster, in order to promote the development of foundry industry to make new and greater contributions.

Jia-Bing, Zhang Bo, Lin Hai, SONG Fa-liang, respectively speech, Jia-bing, ZHANG Li-wave zone for me, granted "China's foundry industry cluster pilot areas" and for Liu tuancun granted "China's first village of casting" honor card.

After the ceremony, together with the participating leaders also visited the village of Liu Meng Ling Construction Machinery Group Co. foundry.
Area straight departments, Messire streets principal responsible comrades of the ceremony.