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Seven features of building branch pipe fittings

2021-07-27 Back to list

Founded in 1982, Hebei Jianzhi Casting Group Co., Ltd. keeps pace with The Times, updates equipment and skills, builds brands carefully, focuses on the development of high-end products, and actively responds to market demand with creativity. As a permanent member of China Foundry Association, Jianzhi has participated in the formulation of almost all industry standard documents. Hebei Jianzhi Casting Group, as a Chinese malleable steel pipe fittings manufacturer, not only has reasonable price, high quality, stable delivery and fast delivery, but also is not affected by the environmental protection policy in winter and can produce normally in winter.

(1) Construction branch pipe fitting material has the highest mechanical properties

The construction of branch pipe fittings adopts advanced production equipment and technology. In order to make the branch pipe fittings have good mechanical properties, the whole process from product design to delivery is completed by our company. Using KTH330-08 malleable cast iron, tensile strength is 10% higher than the national standard; The elongation rate is 33% higher than the national standard, and the branch pipe fittings are 100% qualified according to the standard.

By strictly controlling the melting process, the uniformity and stability of various elements are ensured effectively, and the mechanical properties of the material are ensured. Although the smelting cost of electric furnace is much higher than that of cupola, its stability can ensure that the material is 100% qualified. At present, only jianchi Group uses electric furnace to melt 100%, which is also the basic condition of building branch pipe fittings to promise 1618. Annealing process is a key process in the production of Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., LTD. The annealing furnace we use is the most advanced tunnel annealing furnace and electric annealing furnace in China at present. The continuous burning and continuous operation are adopted and the furnace temperature is automatically controlled by microcomputer.

In order to ensure 100% qualified materials, we imported spectrometers from Germany, equipped with microcomputer automatic control carbon and sulfur analyzer, microcomputer servo hydraulic universal testing machine and other advanced testing equipment, to monitor and measure the production process at any time. The test results of mechanical properties of the materials show that the tensile strength is above 330MPa. The elongation is over 8%, and the qualified rate of mechanical properties is 100%.

(2) The appearance quality of the branch pipe fittings is the best

The shape design of branch pipe fittings is scientific and reasonable. The length of thread, the thickness of pipe wall, the diameter of pipe fittings and the structure of empty cutter are comprehensively designed. In order to ensure the surface quality of pipe fittings, the original sand is all first-grade washed sand, and the most advanced domestic automatic sand mixing system and advanced testing instruments are introduced to monitor at any time, ensuring the quality of molding sand, and laying a solid foundation for improving the quality of products.

The size of each part of the national standard parts fully meet the requirements of the national standard, the length of the enterprise standard parts is slightly smaller than the national standard parts, but the performance indicators and the national standard pipe fittings are exactly the same, all meet the national standards, and the quality assurance commitment is exactly the same. The advantage of the enterprise standard pipe fittings is that the price is lower than the national standard pipe fittings, for all kinds of users to choose at will. In addition to the construction and support of enterprise standard pipe fittings on the market, most of the other enterprise standard (or non-standard) pipe fittings design and production are not up to the national standard, mainly because of the unstable mechanical properties, short thread length, some pipe wall is too thin.

According to the demand, the branch pipe fittings are constructed by hot plating and electroplating. Electric galvanized pipe fittings are generally processed before galvanized, which has a very low cost. The disadvantage is that the inner surface is not easy to plating, black and red rust is serious, the thickness of the coating is not easy to control, in the plating process of collision make the thread by serious knock damage, directly affect the precision of the thread, to the installation and coordination caused by difficulties.

In order to avoid the above defects, the branch pipe fittings are built at increased cost, and all are galvanized before processing to ensure the precision of thread.

In order to ensure the actual use effect of pipe fittings and make the pipe thread can be smoothly matched, the design of branch pipe fittings should consider to ensure the use space of the inner cavity as far as possible, and the end of the thread is designed as an empty knife structure, so that the internal thread is completely taper through, to ensure the use effect.

(3) The precision of pipe thread is stricter than the national standard

The length of pipe thread and the position of base surface are specified in the national standard. The minimum length of a 1-inch taper pipe thread shall not be less than 11.6mm(about 5 pipe threads) for the cutter structure; The minimum length of male thread shall not be less than 14.5mm (about 6.3 threads). In order to ensure the accuracy of the base surface position, we always control the base surface of taper pipe thread in the best position during machining. The base dimension of the branch pipe fittings is higher than the national standard, which is ±1 1/4 buckle, and the branch pipe fittings are stipulated and guaranteed to be within ±1 buckle.

(4) the most strict control of the Angle of the pipe thread axis

There are two methods to test the Angle of pipe thread axis. One is to measure it with a rod, and the other is to measure it with an angometer. The principle of both methods is the same, but the detection instrument and method are different. According to the national standard, the pipe thread Angle deviation is not more than ±0.5°, and the branch pipe fitting is controlled within ±0.3°, which is 40% stricter than the national standard.

(5) The air tightness of branch pipe fittings is the best

In the pouring process, slag inclusion, porosity, shrinkage and other defects may occur, leading to local leakage. In order to ensure the quality, build branch pipe fittings to carry out air tightness test one by one. The standard recommends two test methods. The pipe fittings shall be able to withstand not less than 2MPa of normal temperature water pressure or 0.5MPa of air pressure. In order to ensure that the products are 100% qualified, we have increased the air test pressure to above 0.6mpa, more than 20% higher than the national standard.

(6) The inspection cost of branch pipe fittings is the highest

The company invented the "chain quality management achievements" and won the first prize of "Enterprise Management modernization innovation Achievements" by the Ministry of Agriculture. Product quality must be strictly controlled in each process, the next process in the operation of strict and careful inspection of the quality of the last process into the product, found that the last process of unqualified must be eliminated. The unqualified products of the previous process will be rewarded, and the unqualified products of the next process will be punished.

(7) The installation cost of branch pipe fittings is the lowest

Because the branch pipe fittings have many advantages, they can show outstanding advantages in the installation process, and can greatly accelerate the installation speed and reduce the installation cost. The branch pipe fittings are galvanized first and then processed, the pipe threads are free from knock damage, the surface is smooth and the precision is high, and can be smoothly coordinated. Reasonable length of pipe thread, high precision of Angle of thread axis, can be assembled smoothly, save time and effort.

The use of branch pipe fittings can save a lot of man-hour costs, so as to significantly accelerate the installation speed and reduce installation costs. Compared with the pipe fitting with low price, the saving time is far greater than the price difference. Compared with the pipe fitting with high price, it can save the purchase cost and the installation cost. We can responsibly say: the construction of branch pipe fittings is the most cost-effective pipe fittings in China. Can reduce the use cost, but also free from worries. Users can rest assured to use, customers can rest assured to sell.

If you have any questions, please feel free to consult, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.